Welcome to My Place

P.J. Gardner is a professional Web Accessibility Consultant and former front-end web developer.

My goal is to share my creativity with others. Welcome to a gathering of my hobbies and interests. These are some of the web sites I have created for fun.

2017: Our Solar Eclipse Travel Blog

Arjan and P.J.'s 2017 Travel Blog (new site)

In late summer 2017, P.J. and Arjan drove across America for over five weeks to view the solar eclipse and visit national parks and other sights in the U.S. and Canada.

♦  Matching 2018 North America Calendar Photos

2016: Our Europe and Cruise Travel Blog

Arjan and P.J.'s 2016 Travel Blog (new site)

In Summer 2016, P.J. and Arjan traveled for seven weeks—first in Northern Europe for a month and then across the Atlantic by cruise ship for 18 days, from Rotterdam back to Boston. This trip is essentially the reverse of our Voyage of the Vikings trip in 2014, with some new locations thrown in.

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2014: Our Voyage of the Vikings Travel Blog

Arjan and P.J.'s 2014 Travel Blog (new site)

In Summer 2014, P.J. and Arjan traveled for 40 days—first across the Atlantic by cruise ship and then across Northern Europe by car and train. This travel blog features over 35 posts and pages, and over 200 photographs. Share in the journey!

♦  Matching 2015 Voyage of the Vikings Calendar Photos

2012: Our Cross-Country Travel Blog

Arjan and P.J.'s 2012 Travel Blog (new site)

In 2012, P.J. and Arjan took a two-month driving trip across the USA! There are over 65 posts and pages, and over 185 photographs. See where we went.

♦  Matching 2013 Scenic America Calendar Photos

2012: My Vintage Postcard Project

P.J.'s Vintage Postcard Project (new site)

I inherited over 375 vintage postcards from my Great Aunt Esther. On our cross-USA driving trip in 2012, I took over 75 modern photographs that match as many of her vintage postcards as I could find on our way.

My Flickr Photo Albums

P.J.'s Flickr Photo Albums (new site)

Some of my photographs are on public display. Recent albums include:

♦  Vermont Vacations
♦  Connecticut Gardners

My Personal Blog

P.J.'s WordPress Blog (new site)

This is my WordPress blog. So far, I have mostly posted about friends and family I admire.

♦  Book Review: "The Wall Between Us", by Krystyna Ros.Sorell
♦  In Memoriam: Evert Jan Post
♦  100-Year Birthday Photos: Evert Jan Post

Massage Timeout!

Massage Timeout! (new site)

My sister Barbara Gardner's massage therapy business, located in sports rehabilitation and physical therapy clinics in Winter Park and Orlando, Florida.

Perry L. Gardner

Perry Gardner Journal (new site)

My father's private journal, written between January 1989 and February 1993. My father was an aeronautical engineer who worked on the landing gear for the first trip to the moon. This journal is his personal view on his own private world.

♦  Lifetime Photographs

Robert F. Zoeller

Robert Zoeller, Marine Artist (new site)

My maternal grandfather, Robert Zoeller, was a recognized professional marine artist living and working on Long Island, New York, with his wife, artist Sara Whitney Olds. The web site features a gallery, some history, information about the Zoeller family, and the 2010 opening for one of my grandfather's murals.


GIDI.biz (new site)

Gardner Information Design, Inc. is my own Web Accessibility consulting business. I am available for consulting engagements and freelance work to help companies and organizations meet Web Accessibility guidelines, and make their web sites and web applications more accessible for everyone.


Boston-IA (new site)

Boston-IA was the Web Accessibility organization I founded in 2003, active until 2010. The purpose of Boston-IA was "Making Internet Accessibility Mainstream". Boston-IA advocated for web sites that are accessible for people with disabilities. The site still contains many resources that remind web professionals to take into account the special needs that all people bring to surfing the internet.